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Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich (Musikfolk MFC511)

Club Sandwich
Various Artists

Musikfolk MFC511 (cassette, UK, 1993)

Compilation produced by Steve Sheldon for Musikfolk Limited in 1993;
Cover artwork by Terri Anderson;
DAT mastering by Jon Dixon


Side 1

  1. Alianza (Sergio Avila, Phil Beer, Steve Knightley, Dave Townsend, Vladimir Vega, Mauricio Venegas): Morna / Tobin’s Fancy [Steve Knightley / /Trad.]
  2. Rose Among Thorns (Dave Dutfield, Tim Gray, Derek Morgan, Elaine Morgan, John Turner): Kingdom Come [Rose Among Thorns]
  3. The Ashley Hutchings All Stars (Polly Bolton, Clive Gregson, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Mattacks, John Shepherd, Pete Zorn): Brief Encounters [Ashley Hutchings]
  4. Paul Downes: Did You Like the Battle Sir? [Richards]
  5. The Walking Ones (Judy Dunlop, Mike Fleming): The Willow [Julie Matthews]
  6. Ricard, Watkins & Hart (Charlie Hart, Gary Ricard, Geraint Watkins): That Old Mule [Geraint Watkins]
  7. Ashley Reed & The Savage Rabbits (Johnny Oslo, John Piper, Ashley Reed, Peter Townsend): The Peeler’s Jacket [Trad.]

Side 2

  1. Johnny Coppin (Guesting: John Broomhall, Mick Dolan, Trevor Foster, Gareth Sampson): River Song [Johnny Coppin]
  2. Dave Swarbrick: The Young Black Cow [trad.]
  3. The Joyce Gang (Paul Downes, John Redmond, Dave McKeown, Russell Frampton): Yellow Dress [John Redmond / Wilson]
  4. Show of Hands (Phil Beer, Steve Knightley, guesting: Matt Clifford): Six O’Clock Waltz [Steve Knightley]
  5. Ashley Reed: Jerusalem Ridge [Bill Monroe]
  6. Chris While (Guesting: Paul Burgess, Roger Keay, Ken Nicol, Martin Scott, Nigel Stonier): Edge of the Knife [Chris While]
  7. The Albion Band (Ashley Hutchings, Julie Matthews, Phil Beer, Simon Care, Trevor Foster): Go North [Julie Matthews]

Track 1 from Alianza!, Road Goes On Forever RGF CD012;
Track 2 from This Time It’s Real (no details given);
Track 3 from By Gloucester Docks I Sat Down and Wept - Live, Albino ALB009;
Track 4 previously unreleased live recordings on the "Musikfolk Mobile", Dartford, February 1993;
Track 5 from The Walking Ones, Albino ALB004;
Track 6 from Disorder on the Border, Savage Rabbit CA044;
Track 7 from Hare ’N’ Scare ’Em, Savage Rabbit CA022;
Track 8 from Force of the River, Red Sky Records RSKCD 112;
Track 9 previously unreleased live recordings on the "Musikfolk Mobile", Leytonstone, May 1993;
Track 10 previously unreleased live recordings on the "Musikfolk Mobile", Brighton, May 1993.;
Track 11 from Show of Hands - Live, Road Goes On Forever RGF CD010;
Track 12 from Fastnet Rock, Savage Rabbit 011;
Track 13 from Look at Me Now, Water on the Wall 015;
Track 14 from The Unreleased Radio Tapes, Albino ALB008


Thanks to Tony Rees