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Maggi: Clockworking Cosmic Spirits

Maggi: Clockworking Cosmic Spirits (MM Records MM1)

Clockworking Cosmic Spirits
Maggi (Magnús Kjartansson)

MM Records MM1 / Lyntone Records LYN 2718 (LP, Iceland, 1973)

Recorded at Apple Studios;
Producer: Magnús Kjartansson;
Engineer: Viktor

Magnús Kjartansson came from the group Trubrot; this group and Maggi became Judas in 1975.


Maggi (Magnús Kjartansson): keyboard, singer;
Vignir Bergman: guitar;
Finnbogi Kjartansson: bass;
Hrólfur Gunnarsson: drums

John Mitchell: synthesiser;
Steve Gregory: sax;
Sandy Denny, Linda Thompson: backing vocals [1-5, 7-8]


Side 1

  1. Helga
  2. Clockworking Cosmic Spirits
  3. Easy Way Out
  4. Pull the Trigger
  5. My Sweet Little Lady Friend

Side 2

  1. Stay With Me
  2. Pollution
  3. I Didn’t Know
  4. I Know It’s True
  5. The Instruments Must Take Over

All tracks Magnús Kjartansson except
Tracks 2, 5 Magnús Kjartansson, Rúnar Júlíusson;
Track 6 Magnús Kjartansson, Vignir Bergman;
Track 7 Vignir Bergman, Mooney


Thanks to Gert Aage Nielsen for the cover picture and the information.