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Children’s Singing Games

Children’s Singing Games (Impact IMP-A 101)

Children’s Singing Games
performed by pupils of Redriff Primary School, Bermondey, London,
under the direction of Mary Wilson and Jennifer Gallagher

Topic/Impact Records IMP-A 101 (LP, UK, 1969)

Recorded by Sean Davis in 1969

A companion to the record is the Festival Book of Singing Games with words, piano arrangements (by Jennifer Gallagher) and guitar chords (by R. Edwards) of each song with information of origins and instruction of performing the games.


Pupils of Redriff Primary School, Bermondey, London;
Head Teacher, Mrs. F. Mary Wilson, director;
Jennifer A. Gallagher, piano arrangements and accompaniment


Side 1

Betrothal, Courtship and Marriage Games

  1. Poor Jenny Is A-Weeping
  2. The Jolly Miller
  3. Nuts in May (or Knots in May)
  4. Oats and Beans (or Hops and Beans)
  5. Rosy Apple
  6. Sally Waters
  7. I Sent a Letter to My Love
  8. Drop Handkerchief (or Drop the Duster)
  9. The Dutch House
  10. The Farmer in His Den

Custom Marriage Games

  1. Round and Round the Village
  2. Oranges and Lemons
  3. Sally Go Round the Moon
  4. Dusky Bluebells
  5. London Bridge Is Falling Down
  6. London Bridge Is Broken Down

Ritual Games

  1. Mulberry Bush
  2. Witches’ Coil
  3. Ily Aly O (Snail Creep)
  4. Draw a Bucker of Water

Side 2

Funeral Games

  1. Green Gavel
  2. Old Rodger
  3. Wallflowers

Story Game (Dramatic)

  1. Briar Rosebud

Dance Games

  1. Leaves Are Green
  2. Ring o’ Roses
  3. My Dog Buff
  4. Bingo
  5. Lubin Loo
  6. Push the Business On

Near Country Dances

  1. A-Hunting We Will Go
  2. The Grand Old Duke of York
  3. On the Bridge of Avignon

All tracks trad.