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Charlie Louvin: The Longest Train

Charlie Louvin: The Longest Train (Munich WMCD 1056)

The Longest Train
Charlie Louvin

Watermelon Records (CD, USA, 1996)
Munich Records WMCD 1056 (CD, Holland, 1996)

Produced by Julian Dawson;
Executive Producers: Heinz Geissler and John T. Kunz;
Engineered and mixed by Tim Coats;
Assisted by Addison Ellis;
Recorded at Moondog Studios, Nashvill, June 1996


Charlie Louvin: vocals, guitar:
Steuart Smith: electric guitars, keyboards;
Barry Tashian: acoustic rhythm guitar, vocals;
Gene Libbea: upright bass;
Katy Moffat, Rosie Flores, Holly Tashian, Jim Lauderdale, The Burns Sisters, John Bowman: vocals


  1. When I Stop Dreaming [Ira Louvin, Charlie Louvin] (2.28)
  2. In the Pines [Alan Riggs] (Roud 3421) (3.32)
  3. Cash on the Barrelhead [Ira Louvin, Charlie Louvin] (3.02)
  4. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing [Julian Dawson, Vince Gill] (3.18)
  5. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? [Sandy Denny] (4.01)
  6. Queen of the Bayou [Julian Dawson] (3.25)
  7. Are You Wasting My Time [Ira Louvin, Charlie Louvin] (2.45)
  8. Stone-Deaf, Dumb and Blind [Julian Dawson] (3.17)
  9. My Baby’s Gone [Hazel Houser] (3.54)
  10. The Christian Life [Ira Louvin, Charlie Louvin] (2.53)
  11. I Wanna Die Young (At a Very Old Age) [Helen Hudson] (2.51)
  12. Turn Around [Malvina Reynolds, Alan Green, Harry Belafonte] (2.48)