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Carol Grimes: Mother

Carol Grimes: Mother (Irregular CG59)

Carol Grimes

Irregular Records CG59 (CD, UK, 2003)


Garol Grimes, vocals;
Ian Shaw, Hammond / Rhodes, vocals;
Greg Wain, guitars, vocals;
Steve Watts, double bass;
Stan Adler, cello;
Mark Fletcher, drums, percussion, fire extinguisher;
Annie Whitehead, trombone;
Josefina Cupido, percussion, vocals;
Elton Dean, saxophones;
Harry Becket, trumpet


  1. New Coat of Paint [Tom Waits] (3.01)
  2. Into My Arms [Nick Cave] (4.24)
  3. Who Knows Where the Time Goes [Sandy Denny] (6.08)
  4. Moira [words Carol Grimes, music Ian Shaw] (3.50)
  5. Scars [Fran Landesman, Simon Wallace] (4.13)
  6. Gold in Them Hills [Ron Sexsmith] (2.56)
  7. Better off Dead [Randy Newman] (2.51)
  8. USA [Shane MacGowan] (2.49)
  9. Two Grey Rooms [Joni Mitchell] (5.08)
  10. Blues for Louis [poem Carol Grimes, music arr. Ian Shaw] (4.48)
  11. You Don’t Know What Love Is [Don Ray, Gene DePaul] (5.48)
  12. Mother [John Lennon] (5.14)

All songs arr. Ian Shaw