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The Kipper Family, John Ward, Syzewell Gap, Tim Laycock: Broadside (Tapecraft TC0016)

Songs From the Land of the Broads
The Kipper Family, John Ward, Syzewell Gap, Tim Laycock

Tapecraft Productions TC0016 (cassette, UK, 1989)

Produced by Tapecraft Productions


Syzewell Gap [1, 8-10]:
Bill Horne: banjo, 12 string guitar, bass drum, hi hat;
Tim Laycock: duet concertina;
Angela Laycock: recorders, whistles, harmonium;
Jude Horne: melodeons;
Annie Clark: oboe, recorders, hammer dulcimer;
Martin Clark: guitar, bouzouki and bass pedals

Tim Laycock: vocals, duet concertina [2-4];
Annie Clark: oboe, hammer dulcimer [3];
John Ward: vocals, guitar [5-7];
John Collorick: melodeon [7]

The Kipper Family [11-12]:
Sid and Henry Kipper


Side 1

  1. Syzewell Gap: The Perfect Cure / Hindringham Long Dance
  2. Tim Laycock: The Ballad of Barton Broad (Roud 1781)
  3. — : The Fowler (Roud 166; Laws O36; Henry H114)
  4. — : The Punt Gun
  5. John Ward: So the Seasons Change
  6. — : Waiting for the Wind

Side 2

  1. John Ward: The Lowestoft Mess Monster
  2. Syzewell Gap: They Don’t Know I Come From the Country / Oscar’s Jig
  3. — : Norfolk Hornpipe / Norfolk Short Dance
  4. — : The Norfolk Long Dance
  5. The Kipper Family: When I’m Abroad on the Broads
  6. — : Dicky Riding

Track 1ab, 8b, 9a, 10 trad. arr. Syzewell Gap;
Track 2 trad. arr. Tim Laycock, Syzewell Gap;
Track 3 trad. arr. Tim Laycock, Annie Clark;
Track 4 Tim Laycock;
Tracks 5-7 John Ward;
Track 8a Tom Smith adapt. Syzewell Gap;
Track 9b Jude Horne (of Syzewell Gap);
Tracks 11-12 Sid Kipper