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Once a Week’s Enough

Blagdon Arms Folk Club: Once a Week’s Enough (Blagdon Arms Folk Club C.2005)

Once a Week’s Enough
Featuring the residents of the Blagdon Arms Folk Club, Cramlington Village, Northumberland

Blagdon Arms Folk Club C.2005 (LP, UK, 1977)

Produced by Blagdon Arms Folk Club;
Recorded by Ken McKenzie;
Photographs by Ian Woodrow;
Manufactured for the client by Fellside Recordings, Workington, Cumbria


Legend (Colin Pearson: vocals, guitar, harmonium; Ingrid Temple: vocals; Barry Temple: vocals, guitar, concertina) [1, 7, 12];
Lammas Tyde (Rob Hallet: guitar; Gary Hogg: guitar; Tom Waugh: fiddle; Peter Desmond: vocals, bodhrán, mandolin; Bob Day: fiddle; Brian McGuire: banjo) [5, 10];
Terry Dean: vocals, guitar, mandolin [2, 6, 14];
Ray Hooker: vocals, guitar [2, 14];
Peter Desmond: vocals, bodhrán, mandolin [2];
Christine Ashton: vocals, guitar [3, 11];
Stewart Abela: vocals, guitar [3, 11];
Alan Tood [3, 11];
Keith Cunningham: vocals, whistle, concertina [4, 9, 13]


Side 1

  1. Legend: My Son John (Roud 678; Henry H131)
  2. Terry Dean, Ray Hooker and Peter Desmond: ‘P’ Stands for Paddy (Roud 419; Henry H593) / Morrison’s Jig
  3. Christine Ashton, Stewart Abela and Alan Todd: Maybe I’m Wrong
  4. Keith Cunningham: Proudlock Hornpipe / Stockton Hornpipe
  5. Lammas Tyde: The Gipsy
  6. Terry Dean, Colin Pearson and Barry Temple: The Turntable Song
  7. Legend: Ballad of Joseph Baker

Side 2

  1. Legend and Terry Dean: Drink Old England Dry (Roud 882)
  2. Keith Cunningham: Saddle the Pony / Hexham Races
  3. Lammas Tyde: Molly / Bill Hart’s Jig / Dimly’s Jig and Lovely Ann
  4. Christine Ashton, Stewart Abela and Alan Todd: You Turn Me On
  5. Legend: The Old Miner (Roud 1136)
  6. Keith Cunningham: The Trooper
  7. Ray Hooker and Terry Dean: International

Tracks 1-2, 4, 8-9, 10ab, 12-13 trad.;
Tracks 3, 11 Stewart Abela;
Track 5 Brian McGuire;
Track 6 Dave Goulder;
Track 7 Pete Coe;
Track 10c Desmond;
Track 14 Gallagher and Lyle