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Bellwether: Bellwether (own label)


own label (EP, USA, 4 September 2020)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Margolis at Riverview Sound;
Photographs taken by Ethan Setiawan, edited by Louise Bichan;
Layout by Louise Bichan


Louise Bichan, fiddle, open back banjo, vocals;
Alex Cumming, accordion, piano, vocals;
Eric McDonald, guitar, mandolin, vocals


  1. Follow the Heron (4.19)
  2. Jigs: Miss Sarah McFadyen / Roca House (4.54)
  3. Gypsie Laddie (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278; Henry H124) (6.10)
  4. Both Sides of the Tweed (Roud 8913) (3.50)
  5. Francis Frenzy / Rhena’s 80th / Cutting a Slide (6.09)
  6. The Bride’s Lament (Roud 274; Laws K10; G/D 1:19) (3.50)

Track 1 Karine Polwart;
Track 2a Jennifer Wrigley;
Tracks 2b, 5b Louise Bichan;
Tracks 3-4, 6 trad.;
Track 5a Alex Cumming;
Track 5c Phil Cunningham