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Indian Summer

Auburn: Indian Summer (Scarlet SR030CD)

Indian Summer

Scarlet Records SR030CD (CD, UK, 2012)

Arranged and produced by Max Gilkes;
Recorded at Scarlet and 1 Sonic Studios;
Engineered and mixed by Max Gilkes and Wan Hewitt;
Dub mix by Max Gilkes;
Mastered by Martin Russell;
Artwork by DLT;
Front cover painting by Teresa Witz


Liz Lenten, lead and backing vocals;
Max Gilkes, guitars, keyboards, piano, backing vocals;
Jevon Beaumont, bass;
Wan Hewitt, percussion [1-3, 6-7];
Willy Molleson, percussion [4-5, 8-9];
Horseman, drums [10];
Rob Lewis, cello;
Eliza Carthy, violin, backing vocals;
Maddy Leather, Joe Leather, Joanne Louise Parker, Laura Vane, backing vocals


  1. Shame On You (4.06)
  2. Strong (4.46)
  3. Indian Summer (6.19)
  4. Free Spirit (4.30)
  5. Day Dreamin' (3.13)
  6. Stop the Clock (4.00)
  7. Too Far from Home (4.48)
  8. All Comes Back to You (6.56)
  9. This Is the Life (3.55)
  10. Day Dreamin' (Dub Mix) (3.58)

All songs lyrics by Liz Lenten, music by Liz Lenten and Max Gilkes