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Burnt Feathers

Anonyma: Burnt Feathers (Fellside FE059)

Burnt Feathers

Fellside Recordings FE059 (LP, UK, 1987)

Produced by Martin Simpson;
Recording engineer Paul Adams, October 1986;
Sleeve: front artwork and concept by Naomi Russell;
Back: Mary Blood;
Photographs by Beth Hatt


Anne Lister: vocals, guitar;
Mary Mc Laughlin: vocals, DX100 synthesiser
Martin Simpson: guitar, Ashbory bass;
Laurie Harper: fiddle, mandolin


Side 1

  1. The Quiet People (2.51)
  2. Moth (3.01)
  3. Fill, Fill á Rún Ó / Cathy Loves a Priest (6.52)
  4. Song to the Siren (4.15)
  5. Stone Circles (4.16)

Side 1

  1. Seagull (3.57)
  2. How to Stand Still (4.03)
  3. Fionnuala’s Song (4.50)
  4. Icarus (3.00)
  5. Cassandra (3.06)

All tracks written by Anne Lister except
Track 3a trad.;
Track 4 Tim Buckley;
Track 8 Mary Mc Laughlin

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