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Annie Grace: Take Me Out Drinking Tonight

Annie Grace: Take Me Out Drinking Tonight (Greentrax CDTRAX256)

Take Me Out Drinking Tonight
Annie Grace

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX256 (CD, UK, 2004)

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Produced by Annie Grace and Kim Planert;
Executive producer Paul McGeechan for Paw Paw productions;
Engineered and programming by Kim Planert;
Recorded at Paw Paw productions, Glasgow;
Miced and mastered by Paul McGeechan;
Photography by Stewart Ennis;
Layout by John Slavin


Annie Grace: vocals, low F whistle [1], low D whistle [3], backing vocals [2, 9-10];
Aly Macrae: acoustic guitar [1-10], double bass [1], harmonium [2], mandolin [2, 7], grand piano [11], backing vocals [2, 6, 10];
Aaron Jones: bass guitar [2, 5-7, 9-10], backing vocals [2, 6, 10];
Davy Cattanach: drums [2, 5-7, 10], percussion [6-7, 9-10], backing vocals [2, 6, 10];
Gavin Marwick: fiddle [1, 5-7, 9-10]


  1. The Trees They Grow High (Roud 31; Laws O35; G/D 6:1222) (3.06)
  2. Magdalen Laundry (4.18)
  3. Bonny at Morn (Roud 3064) (3.58)
  4. Solitude (2.43)
  5. Summerfly (3.22)
  6. Take Me Out Drinking Tonight / The Salimony Waltz (4.16)
  7. Land o’ the Leal (Roud 8999) (4.09)
  8. Farewell to Lochaber (3.57)
  9. Jock o’ Hazeldean (Roud 250; Child 293; G/D 5:1029) (3.29)
  10. Feast or Famine (3.07)
  11. Sing Me Something Simple (4.06)

Tracks 1, 3, 6b, 8 trad. arr. Annie Grace;
Track 2 Jim Mulhern;
Track 4 Annie Grace;
Track 5 Cheryl Wheeler;
Track 6a Michael Marra;
Track 7 Baroness Nairne / public domain arr. Annie Grace;
Track 9 words trad. arr. Annie Grace, music Annie Grace;
Tracks 10-11 Andrew Finlayson

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Annie Grace: The Bell

Annie Grace: The Bell (Gracie GRACIECD010)

The Bell
Annie Grace

Gracie Records GRACIECD010 (CD, UK, 2011)

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Recorded and mixed by Mattie Foulds at Mobile With a Home in House of News and Heriot Toun;
Produced by Annie Grace and Aly Macrae with Mattie Foulds;
Mastered at Castlesound Studios by Stuart Hamilton;
Photography by Martin Gray;
Design by Martin Gray and Mark Mcleish


Annie Grace: lead vocals, Scottish small pipes, whistles;
Jonny Hardie: guitar, fiddle, viola, vocals;
Aaron Jones: guizouki, guitar, vocals;
Aly Macrae: guitar, ukulele, harmonium, piano, banjax, euphonium, saw, fiddle, vocals

Nigel Hitchcock: alto saxophone;
Kevin McGuire: double bass


  1. Solo (3.55)
  2. Sandman (3.54)
  3. The Bell (3.38)
  4. One Morning in May (Roud 2; Laws Q26) (4.35)
  5. High the Laverock Sings (5.48)
  6. Tunes: Down North / Chloe’s Passion / Pitlochry High School Centernary (5.37)
  7. Little Bird (4.29)
  8. Show Me the Road (4.00)
  9. The Exile’s Song (My Ain Countrie) (Roud 12490) (4.07)
  10. Don’t Go (32.47

Track 1 Sandy Denny;
Track 2 Kirsty McGee;
Track 3 Aimee Bobruk, Annie Grace;
Track 4 trad.;
Track 5 Aly Macrae;
Track 6a Fred Morrison;
Track 6b Angus Macdonald;
Track 6c Gordon Duncan;
Track 7 Annie Grace;
Track 8 Harvey Reid;
Track 9 Robert Gilfillan;
Track 10 Stevie Palmer, Annie Grace, Tim London

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Leoni Jansen, Annie Grace: Northern Lights

Leoni Jansen, Annie Grace: Northern Lights (NOON 2011015)

Northern Lights
Leoni Jansen, Annie Grace

NOON Records 2011015 (CD, The Netherlands, 1 November 2011)

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Graphic design by Hessel Stutt


Leoni Jansen: lead and backing vocals, guitars, banjo, ukelele;
Annie Grace: lead and backing vocals, Scottish smallpipes, low F whistle;
Onno Krijn: piano, programming;
Erik Rutjes: guitars, dobro, mandolin, lapsteel;
Marcel Fisser: guitars, ukelele:
Wilbrand Meischke: bass, double bass;
Hessel Stuut: drums

Eva Kieboom: backing vocals [3];
Jan Dulles: vocals [5];
Thad Beckman: guitar [8]


  1. Merry Christmas Everybody (3.03)
  2. December (3.17)
  3. Ready for the Dark (3.36)
  4. Christ Child’s Lullaby (3.14)
  5. Gabriels Message (2.16)
  6. Oh, Mary Don’t You Weep (Roud 11823) (3.29)
  7. The Snow It Melts the Soonest (Roud 3154) (3.50)
  8. What Do Bad Girls Get (2.54)
  9. Bells Are Ringing (3.35)
  10. Winter, Fire and Snow (3.38)
  11. Two Step Around the Chrismastree (2.21)
  12. Auld Lang Syne (Roud 13892) (3.24)
  13. Als Ge Ooit (3.39)

Track 1 James Lea, Neville Holder, arr. Karine Polwart;
Track 2 Norah Jones;
Track 3 Larry Murante;
Tracks 4-6 trad. arr. Onno Krijn;
Track 7 trad. arr. Annie Grace, Jardy, Jones, Macrae, Onno Krijn;
Track 8 Joan Osborne;
Track 9 Mary Chapin Carpenter;
Track 10 Macdara Woods, Brendan Graham;
Track 11 Michael Martin Murphey;
Track 12 trad. add. Annie Grace, McAlpine, Onno Krijn;
Track 13 J.W. Roy, Gerard van Maasakkers

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