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Zero She Flies

Al Stewart: Zero She Flies /CBS 63848)

Zero She Flies
Al Stewart

CBS 63848 (LP, UK, 1970)

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Produced by Roy Guest at Sound Techniques Studios;
Engineer Jerry Boys


Al Stewart: vocals, guitar;
Trevor Lucas: bass guitar;
Georg Hultgreen [Kajanus]: guitar;
Gerry Conway: drums;
Mike Woods;
Larry Steele;
Tim Hinkley;
Duffy Power;
Louis Cennamo;
Peter Gavin


Side 1Side 2
  1. My Enemies Have Sweet Voices
  2. A Small Fruit Song
  3. Gethsemane, Again
  4. Burbling
  5. Electric Los Angeles Sunset
  1. Manuscript
  2. Black Hill
  3. Anna
  4. Room of Roots
  5. Zero She Flies

All songs written and performed by Al Stewart;
except lyrics to track 1a Peter Morgan

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Past, Present & Future

Al Stewart: Past, Present & Future (CBS 65726)

Past, Present & Future
Al Stewart

CBS 65726 (LP, UK, 1973)

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Produced by John Anthony at Trident Sound Studios;
Engineered by Mike Stone


Al Stewart: vocals, acoustic guitar;
Tim Renwick: electric guitar;
Peter Berryman: 2nd acoustic guitar;
Isaac Guillory: 2nd acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar;
B.J. Cole: steel guitar;
Bruce Thomas: Brian Odgers, bass;
John Wilson: drums;
Rick Wakeman, Tim Hinkley, Bob Andrews, Bob Sargent: keyboards;
Peter Woods: keyboards, piano accordion;
Alistair Anderson: English concertina;
Dave Swarbrick, Haim Romano: mandolin;
Luciano Bravo, Lennox James, Michael Oliver: steel band;
Frank Ricotti, Roger Meddows Taylor: percussion;
Francis Monkman: moog synthesiser;
Krysia Kocjan, John Donelly, Mick Welton, Kevin Powers: backing vocals


Side 1Side 2
  1. Old Admirals (5.55)
  2. Warren Harding (2.39)
  3. Soho, Needless to Say (3.51)
  4. The Last Day of June 1934 (4.47)
  5. Post World War Two Blues (4.16)
  1. Roads to Moscow (8.00)
  2. Terminal Eyes (3.21)
  3. Nostradamus (9.50)

All songs written by Al Stewart