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All Along the Wall

Boo Hewerdine, Jez Lowe, Julie Matthews, Rory McLeod, Ruth Notman, Kate Fox, Elvis McGonagall: All Along the Wall (Fellside FECD236)

All Along the Wall
Boo Hewerdine, Jez Lowe, Julie Matthews, Rory McLeod, Ruth Notman, Kate Fox, Elvis McGonagall

Fellside Recordings FECD236 (CD, UK, 2010)

In late January 2010 a group of songwriters and performance poets met at the remote Saughyrigg Farmhouse very close to the Roman Wall in Northumbria. Their task was to write a 75-minute piece that tells the story of Hadrian’s Wall, its people, and the landscape, past and present. They had five days to complete the job. On the sixth day they had to perform it in front of an audience.

Produced and mixed by Paul Adams and Jez Lowe;
Recorded by Richard Adams and Paul Adams assisted by John Brinicombe;
Photographs: cover by Roger Clegg; on-body by Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley; all others by Charles Devlin


Boo Hewerdine: vocals, guitar;
Jez Lowe: vocals, guitar, cittern, mandolin, whistle;
Julie Matthews: vocals, keyboards, ukulele, gazouki;
Rory McLeod: vocals, guitar, percussion, harmonica;
Ruth Notman: vocals, accordion;
Kate Bramley: fiddle, viola


Kate Fox, Elvis McGonagall


  1. All Along the Wall / Wallsend (3.34)
  2. Church of the Stolen Stones (2.57)
  3. The Roman Wall Wasn’t Built in a Day (0.42)
  4. Dear Friend (4.09)
  5. Other Side of the Wall (3.34)
  6. The Age of Wind and Stone / Bridge Over Time (4.51)
  7. Mostly Dreich (1.12)
  8. Haltwhistle Women (5.23)
  9. End of the World (3.37)
  10. Opposite Sides of the Wall (2.12)
  11. Rock of Gelt / Walls (5.52)
  12. Blessing (1.07)
  13. Lizzie Batey (3.19)
  14. A War / Shepherd Who Lost His Sheep (5.54)
  15. Hadrian (2.56)
  16. The Wrong Side of the Wall (3.11)
  17. Cursing Stone (4.41)
  18. Curse (1.06)
  19. Romanticus (1.23)
  20. Galloway Girl (3.54)
  21. North of the Border (2.49)
  22. Bowness Bells (4.05)
  23. Walk on the Wild Side / Shore to Shore (4.35)

Tracks 1a, 22 Jez Lowe;
Tracks 1b, 10, 12, 14a, 18 Kate Fox;
Tracks 2, 9, 16, 23b Boo Hewerdine;
Tracks 3, 7, 11c, 15, 21 Elvis McGonagall;
Tracks 4, 13 Ruth Notman;
Tracks 5, 6a, 19-20 Rory McLeod;
Tracks 6b, 11a, 14b, 17 Julie Matthews;
Track 8 Jez Lowe, Julie Matthews;
Track 11a Julie Matthews, Ruth Notman;
Track 23 Kate Fox, Elvis McGonagall