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Highly Strung

Alistair McCulloch: Highly Strung (Fellside FECD154)

Highly Strung
Alistair McCulloch

Fellside Recordings FECD154 (CD, UK, 2000)

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Recorded by Paul Adams and Richard Adams;
Produced by Paul Adams;
Mixed by Paul Adams and Alistair McCulloch;
Cover photograph by Colin Clark;
Artwork by Mary Blood


Alistair McCulloch: fiddle, whistle;
Ross Kennedy: guitar;
Douglas Whyte: piano, synthesiser;
Steve Lawrence: bouzouki, mandolin, dobro, percussion;
Morag Macasill: piano;
Lydsay Mowat: cello;
Dougie Pincock: flute, whistle, bagpipes, small pipes;
Karen Connor: clarsach;
David Cowan: bass guitar;
James Taylor: drums


  1. Eamonn Gilmartin’s Session / The Silver Spire / The Doolin Reel / The Old Cambridge Hornpipe reels (4.26)
  2. Helen M. McCulloch slow air (4.16)
  3. Dr James Donaldson / Morag Macaskill of Milngavie pipe marches (3.31)
  4. Listen to the Mockingbird (3.28)
  5. Miss Graham of Inchbrakie / The North Side of the Grampians / The Haggis slow air, strathspey and reel (4.03)
  6. Waltz for Susan (3.14)
  7. Dargai / Maggie Cameron / Pumpkin’s Fancy pibroch, strathspey and reel (8.11)
  8. The Poppy Leaf / Wee Bouncing Betty / The Banks Hornpipe hornpipes (2.30)
  9. The Countess of Crawford / Edgefault House / The Smith’s a Gallant Fireman / Pretty Peggy slow strathspey, march, strathspey and reel (5.52)
  10. The Coleburn slow air (2.50)
  11. Back Up and Push / Crazy Creek North American reels (2.53)
  12. John Daly of Killeshandra / Noel O’Donoghue’s Jig / The Kitchen Maid jigs (2.46)

Tracks 1ac, 2, 3b, 6, 8b, 12ab Alistair McCulloch;
Tracks 1bd, 4, 5bc, 7b, 8a, 9cd, 11,12c trad.;
Track 3a Ronnie Cooper;
Track 5a Nathaniel Gow;
Tracks 7a, 9b James Scott Skinner;
Track 7c Terry Tully;
Track 8c Pazarotti;
Track 9a Peter Milne;
Track 10 William MacPherson

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Wired Up

Alistair McCulloch: Wired Up (Fellside FECD179)

Wired Up
Alistair McCulloch

Fellside Recordings FECD179 (CD, UK, 2003)

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Recorded by Paul Adams and Bob Hallard;
Produced by Paul Adams and Alistair McCulloch;
Cover design by Dominc Snyder;
Artwork by Mary Blood;
Photography by Lyndsay McCulloch


Alistair McCulloch: fiddle, whistle [10], viola;
Aaron Jones: bouzouki, guitar;
Marc Duff: whistles, recorder, bodhrán;
Morag Macasill: piano;
Angus Lyon: accordion, keyboards;
Lyndsay McCulloch: cello;
Duncan Lyall: double bass


  1. Iain and Shirley’s Wedding / Farewell to Whalley Range / The Road to Mount Tinnie Run / The Famous Baravan jigs (4.35)
  2. Limehill / Captain Campbell / Miss Stewart of Grantully / Miss Stewart of Grantully / The Hurricane strathspeys and reels (4.59)
  3. The Small Isles slow air (3.37)
  4. Magdelane Fjord / The Oak Pick Waltz waltzes (4.22)
  5. Reel Beatrice / Andy Broon’s Reel / Catharsis reels (3.29)
  6. Fiddler’s Cramp / The Auchterarder VIP / Violet Tulloch’s Hornpipe hornpipes (3.05)
  7. Hazelwood slow air (6.21)
  8. The Cockerel in the Creel / The Lintie / The Crucible / The Ramnee Ceilidh reels (4.40)
  9. Pipe Major John Stewart / Dora MacLeod / The Rejected Suitor pipe march, strathspey and reel (4.27)
  10. Sarahs Song / Kevoc Cottages airs (5.34)
  11. Tom KcKerron’s Reel / The Humors of Westport / Pachabel’s Frolics / McFadden’s Handsome Daughter reels (4.26)
  12. The Hanged Man’s Reel reel (2.53)

Tracks 1ab, 3, 4a, 7, 8c, 10b Alistair McCulloch;
Track 1c Ivan Drever;
Tracks 1d, 8d Gordon Duncan;
Track 2a Dan R. MacDonald;
Tracks 2b, 4b, 5a, 6a, 9c, 11bcd, 12 trad.;
Track 2cd Niel Gow;
Track 2e James Scott Skinner;
Track 5b Aly Bain;
Track 5c Amy Wood;
Track 6b Angus Fitchet;
Track 6c Tom Anderson;
Track 8ab Donald McLeod;
Track 9a George S. MacLennan;
Track 9b Peter R. MacLeod;
Track 10a Phil Cunningham;
Track 11a Charlie McKerron

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Off the Hook

The Alistair McCulloch Trio: Off the Hook (Rostral RTRLCD015)

Off the Hook
The Alistair McCulloch Trio

Rostral Records RTRLCD015 (CD, UK, 29 June 2018)

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Werner at B&B Studios, Edinburgh, in January 2018;
Photography by Alistair Cassidy;
Sleeve design by John Slavin at DesignFolk


Alistair McCulloch: fiddle;
Aaron Jones: bouzouki, guitar, vocals;
Marc Duff: whistles, recorder [9], bodhrán [4]


  1. Mazurkans: Leaving Brittany / The Humours of Flinn (5.26)
  2. Xesus: Xesus and Felicia / Farley Bridge slow reels / The Calgary Fiddlers Welcome to Scotland reel (5.16)
  3. Green Grow the Laurels (Roud 279; G/D 6:1138; Henry H165ab, H624) (3.45)
  4. Brady’s: John Brady’s Jig / The Mouse in the Kitchen / The 2 a.m. Turtle Patrol / Barney from Killarney jigs (4.35)
  5. Whistle Solo: The Montgomery Bell Waltz waltz / Buttermilk Mary / Black Pat’s reels (3.50)
  6. Billy Taylor (Roud 158; Laws N11; G/D 1:169; Henry H213, H757) (5.12)
  7. Shetland Medley: Da Day Dawn / The Greenandman’s Tune / Faroe Rum / The Bonnie Isle o’ Whalsay / The Lass That Made the Bed for Me (6.58)
  8. The Wild Rover (Roud 1173; G/D 7:1480) (5.32)
  9. Sidney’s: The Guns of the Magnificient Seven / The Lintie / Barbara’s Rant / Sidney the Sausage Dog reels (4.42)
  10. Urquhart’s: The Urquharts of the Port air (4.26)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1a Johnny Cunningham;
Track 1b Tim O’Leary;
Track 2a John McCusker;
Track 2b Duncan Chisholm;
Track 2c Andrew Gifford;
Track 4b Colin Farrell;
Tracks 4c, 9cd, 10 Alistair McCulloch;
Track 5a Gordon Gunn;
Track 9a Fintan McManus;
Track 9b PM Donald MacLeod of Lewes;

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