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Abby Newton: Crossing to Scotland

Abby Newton: Crossing to Scotland (Culburnie CUL110D)

Crossing to Scotland
Abby Newton

Culburnie Records CUL110D (CD, USA, 1997)

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Produced by Alasdair Fraser and Abby Newton;
Recorded at NRS Studios at Hurley, New York, in May 1996 and February 1997;
Engineered and mixed by Scott Petito;
Photography by Irene Young;
Cover and design by David Hornung;


Abby Newton: cello;
Alasdair Fraser: fiddle;
Kim Robertson: clarsach;
Paul Machlis: piano;
Al Petteway: guitar;
David Hornung: accordion;
Scott Petito: upright bass


  1. Catskill Mountain Air / Wagon Wheel Notch (4.21)
  2. Drunk at Night, Dry in the Morning (3.32)
  3. Loftus Jones (4.12)
  4. Tune for Mairead and Anna Ni Mhaonaigh (3.37)
  5. Sister Jean (3.36)
  6. Tarbolton Lodge (3.43)
  7. Crossing to Ireland (4.52)
  8. The Earl of Dalhousie’s Happy Return to Scotland (3.33)
  9. Da Full Rigged Ship / Da New Rigged Ship (3.18)
  10. Indepenence Trail (3.34)
  11. Heroes of Longhope (4.04)
  12. O’Carolan’s Draught (4.46)
  13. Cropies’s Strathspey / Spootiskerry / Sleep Soond in da Morning / Lasses Trust in Providence (6.02)
  14. Gin Ye Kis My Wife, I’ll Tell the Minister (3.44)

Tracks 1ab David Hornung;
Tracks 2, 5-9, 13cd, 14 trad.;
Tracks 3, 12 Turlough O’Carolan;
Track 4 Dáithí Sproule;
Track 10 Alasdair Fraser;
Track 11 Ronnie Aimes;
Track 13a Peter Milne;
Track 13b Ian Burns

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Abby Newton: Castles, Kirks and Caves

Abby Newton: Castles, Kirks and Caves (Redwing RWMCD 5410)

Castles, Kirks and Caves
Scottish music of the 18th century
Abby Newton

Redwing Music RWMCD 5410 (CD, USA, September 2001)

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Produced by Abby Newton;
Recorded on location in Scotland by Scott Petito;
Additional recording and mixing at Make Believe Ballroom in Wehst Shokan, NY, by Tom Mark;
Cover photograph and design by David Hornung;
Booklet design by Kate Jarrell Decarvalho;
Liner notes by John Purser


Abby Newton: cello;
David Greenberg, Mairi Campbell: fiddle;
Corrina Hewat, Kim Robertson: clarsach;
Fred Hand, Dave Francis: guitar


  1. Rob Roy MacGregor / An Honorable Peace / Miss Fordyce’s of Ayton’s Reel / The Belted Plaid and Health to Wear It (5.09)
  2. The Myrtle (4.27)
  3. Fingall’s Lamentation / Fingal’s Cave / Wha’ll Be King But Charlie (7.32)
  4. Forneith House / Kinrara (4.17)
  5. Niel Gow’s Lament on the Death of his Second Wife (4.05)
  6. A Mhàiri bhàn òg (Mairi Young and Fair) / Rowing From Isla to Uist / A’ Bhliadhna Gus An Aimfir Fo (5.14)
  7. The Scots Lament / A Scots Measure (3.26)
  8. My Love’s Bonny When She Smiles On Me / Come Sweet Lass (3.54)
  9. The Hawthorne (3.23)
  10. Roslyn Castle (3.37)
  11. Guilde Roy / Gigg (3.34)
  12. Wallace March (2.24)
  13. Andrew Carr / Da Foula Reel (2.24)
  14. A Hero Never Dies / Willie’s Auld Trews (5.53)

Tracks 1, 3-4, 6bc, 13-14 trad.;
Track 5 Niel Gow;
Track 6a Duncan Ban MacIntyre;
Tracks 2, 7-11 James Oswald;
Track 12 Burk Thumoth

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