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Strike the Bell

Strike the Bell

Roy Palmer (editors)
Strike the Bell
Transport by road, canal, rail and sea in the nineteenth century through songs, ballads and contemporary accounts
Cambridge University Press, 1978; re-issued 2011
ISBN 978-0-521-21921-1

The Songs

1. The King’s Highway

  1. The Road Makers
  2. The Buchan Turnpike (Roud 5961; G/D 3:460)
  3. The Tantivity Trot
  4. The Jolly Post-Chaise Boys (Roud V20283)
  5. The Warbling Waggoner (Roud 1088)

2. The Watery Road

  1. Grantham Navigation
  2. Paddy Upon the Canal
  3. The Cruise of the ‘Calabar’ (Roud 1079; Henry H502)

3. The Iron Road

  1. Newcastle and Carliste Railway (Roud V9449)
  2. The Great Western Railroad, or, The Pleasures of Travelling by Steam (Roud V22718)
  3. Railroad Travelling, or, A Roide i’ th’ Sixpenny Go
  4. Navvy on the Line (Roud V22720)
  5. The Iron Horse (Roud 5834; G/D 2:291)
  6. The Greenock Railway (Roud 5833; G/D 2:290)

4. The Ocean Highway

  1. The Adventures of a Steam Packet (Roud V2132)
  2. The Launch of the ‘Great Britain’ (RoudBS B104271)
  3. The Wreck of the ‘Royal Charter’ (Roud 3327)
  4. The Unseaworthy Ship (Roud 20171)
  5. Strike the Bell (Roud 4190)