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Later English Broadside Ballads

John Holloway, Joan Black: Later English Broadside Ballads

John Holloway, Joan Black (editors),
Later English Broadside Ballads.
London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1975.
ISBN 0 7100 7855 2

The Ballads

  1. Admiral Benbow (Roud 227)
  2. The Air Balloon Fun (Roud V32730)
  3. Albertus the Second, or, The Curious Justice (Roud V20035)
  4. Belinda’s Complaint for the Loss of her Tete (Roud V19799)
  5. Birmingham Sally (Roud V254)
  6. The Black Cow, or, Michaelmas Morn (Roud V28800)
  7. Blarney’s Rambles (Roud V5609)
  8. The Blind Sailor (Roud V15425)
  9. The Blue Lion (Roud V9262)
  10. Bob and His Landlady: or the Young Soldier’s Frolick (Roud V29248)
  11. Bold Captain Avery (Roud V276)
  12. The Brags of Washington (Roud 22795)
  13. The Breakfast (RoudBS B22753)
  14. Britannia’s Lamentation On the Devastation War (Roud 9401)
  15. British Tars Rewarded (Roud V22857)
  16. The Bucket of Water (Roud V11626)
  17. The Buck’s Elegy (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404; Henry H680)
  18. Bunch of Rushes O! (Roud 831)
  19. Captain Barton’s Distress on Board the Litchfield, being under Slavery 17 months and 14 days (Roud V1856)
  20. The City Feast, or, The Humours of my Lord Mayor’s Show (Roud V15531)
  21. The Cobler’s End (Roud 22797)
  22. The Coblers Funeral (RoudBS B62815)
  23. The Cold Rainy Night, or Cupid’s Adventure (RoudBS B62835)
  24. The Collier of Croydon (Roud V18734)
  25. Colin’s Ghost (Roud 1600)
  26. Copy of Verses, Made upon the Unfortunate Beauty, Miss Elizabeth Taylor, now under Sentence of Death in Newgate for robbing her Master (Roud V23248)
  27. A Copy of Verses on the barbarous Murder of Mrs. Campin, Mistress of the George Inn, at Wanstead, on Sunday the 13th of August, by her own Sweetheart, who afterwards killed himself (Roud V9759)
  28. A Copy of Verses on the notorious William Hurt, who was taken near Walthamstow; now under sentence of death in Newgate, for robbing John W—, Esq; on the Highway, of his Watch and Money (Roud 21221)
  29. The Country Lass (Roud 606)
  30. The Country-man Out-witted: or, The City Coquet’s policy (RoudBS B5228)
  31. Covent Garden Ramble (Roud V4051)
  32. The Curse of Scotland (Roud V34802)
  33. The Dog and Duck Rig (Roud V26442)
  34. The Dog and Shadow (Roud V5346)
  35. The Dustman’s Delight, or Who paid for hobb’ling the Dust Cart (Roud V29998)
  36. The English Rover (Roud V1187)
  37. The Fainthearted Lover, or, The Hero Rewarded (Roud 396; Laws O25; G/D 5:1056; Henry H474)
  38. The Fair Maid’s desire to learn her A B C (Roud 17771)
  39. The Female Press Gang, or, a true and particular Account of Seven young Women, that prest Fourteen Taylors in one Night, in London (Roud V1272)
  40. The Fish Girl (Roud V697)
  41. The Fishes Lamentation (Roud 472)
  42. The Flashy Lace Makers (Roud V20827)
  43. The Flying Highwayman (Roud 5369)
  44. The Fortunate Scotchman (Roud V19775)
  45. Ground Ivy (Roud V32206)
  46. The Highwayman outwitted by a Farmer’s Daughter (Roud 2638; Laws L2)
  47. The Horned Miller (Roud V1484)
  48. Humming Bub (Roud V10535)
  49. The Humours of London (Roud V4009)
  50. The Humours of Rag Fair (Roud V3997)
  51. The Indifferent Lover (Roud V22969)
  52. The Irish Beau, of Five Hundred Found Cuckolded (Roud V9119)
  53. The Irish Disappointment (Roud 29353)
  54. The Irish Lovers (Roud V40065)
  55. The Irish Mans Ramble (Roud V32718)
  56. The Irishman’s Ramble to London (Roud V13088)
  57. Jack Oakum in the Suds (Roud V7351)
  58. Jack of the Green (Roud 276; Laws K36; G/D 1:48; Henry H779)
  59. Jack Tar’s Drunken Frolic in Wapping (Roud V3368)
  60. Jarvis the Coachman’s Happy Deliverance from the Gibbet (Roud 1312)
  61. The Jealous Husband well Fitted (Roud V19874)
  62. The Jolly Bacchanal, or, The Bottle the Best Companion (Roud 26588)
  63. The Jolly Lad’s Trip to Botany Bay (Roud V9224)
  64. The Jolly Postboy (Roud V20283)
  65. The Lace Merchant Taken in by the Farmer (Roud 12538)
  66. The Lamenting Maid (Roud V9618)
  67. Landlady Casey (Roud V9260)
  68. The Last Farewel to the World, and Confession of John Hogan, who is to be executed for the Wilful Murder of Ann Hunt (Roud V23174)
  69. Little Joe, The Chimney Sweeper (Roud V6942)
  70. Lunardi (RoudBS B74668)
  71. The Maid and Wife (Roud 894)
  72. Maiden’s Advice to get Married (Roud V577)
  73. The Maiden’s Choice (Roud V4765)
  74. The Maiden’s Moan, For the Loss of her Sailor (Roud 24415)
  75. The Maid’s Hopes in the Lottery (Roud V6736)
  76. The Maids Resolution to follow her Love (Roud 367; Laws N14; Henry H166)
  77. The Merchant’s Courtship to the Brazier’s Daughter (Roud 511; Laws K40)
  78. The Miraculous Hen, or Joan’s Enquiry after a Cuckold’s Cap (Roud 22811)
  79. Molly of the North Country (Roud V4792)
  80. Mountains High (Roud 397; Laws P15; G/D 2:333)
  81. The Mulberry Tree (Roud V3117)
  82. A New Dialogue between Mars and Venus (Roud V9036)
  83. A New Medley [If love’s a sweet passion] (Roud V12018)
  84. A New Song [Come all you roaring boys …] (RoudBS B77702)
  85. A New Song [Newgate market’s …] (Roud V23716)
  86. A New Song [Steward: Mr Goodman goodmorrow …] (RoudBS B77721)
  87. A New Song [Ye all may depend …] (RoudBS B77768)
  88. A New Song, Called Harry Newell (Roud V39665)
  89. Paddy’s Departure (Roud V23056)
  90. Patrick Flemming (Roud 534; Laws L13B)
  91. Paul Jones (Roud 967; Laws A4)
  92. Mr Peter Shaw, The Handsome Footman’s Sorrowful Lamentation, and last Farewel to his Wife and Child (Roud V6231)
  93. The Pleasures Of a Country Life (Roud 18856)
  94. The Plowman’s Glory (Roud 151)
  95. The Poesy of Thyme (Roud V29246)
  96. The Poor Whores Complaint (Roud V32296)
  97. The Postboy (Roud V20254)
  98. The Prevailing Fashion, or, the World turned upside down (Roud 20982)
  99. The Rakes of Stony Batter (Roud 7153)
  100. Remember Jack (Roud V2152)
  101. Resolute Dick (Roud V512)
  102. Riley and Colinband (Roud 538; Laws M10; G/D 6:1097; Henry H234)
  103. The Rolling Kiddy (Roud V30439)
  104. The Rover (Roud 1161)
  105. The Sailor’s Frolick (Roud V1075)
  106. The Sailor’s Happy Marriage (Roud 601; Laws N6; G/D 1:174; Henry H108a)
  107. Sally Mac Gee (Roud V9492)
  108. Saw you My Father (Roud 179; Child 248)
  109. Scew Ball (Roud 456; Laws Q22)
  110. The Servant’s Pedigree (Roud V16902)
  111. The Sheffield Prentice (Roud 399; Laws O39; G/D 5:998; Henry H31; TYG 71)
  112. The Soldier’s Sweetheart (Roud V36244)
  113. The Sparrows (Roud V37959)
  114. The Sunbury Hair Dresser (Roud V7077)
  115. The Tar’s Frolic, or, the Adventures of a British Soldier (Roud 1638)
  116. They’ll all Do It, or, Bung your Eyes (Roud V20759)
  117. Tippy Jack’s Journey to Brighton (Roud V3356)
  118. The True Blues of Horsham (RoudBS B86337)
  119. Unfortunate Billy (Roud V20179)
  120. The Unfortunate Citizen: Or The Comical Robbery (Roud V30500)
  121. The Valiant Welshman (Roud V4188)
  122. The Wars are not Over (Roud V32776)
  123. The Weaver and his Sweetheart (Roud 17771)
  124. Wholesome Advice to the Swinish Multitude (Roud V27603)
  125. The Wonder (Roud V27005)
  126. World Turn’d Upside Down (Roud 23117)
  127. The Young Man’s Fortune (RoudBS B89740)