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A Touch on the Times

A Touch on the Times

Roy Palmer (editor)
A Touch on the Times
Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Education, 1975
ISBN 0 14 08.1182 6

The Songs

The songs are referenced by page numbers.

Part 1: The Times Are Altered

  1. The Road (Roud V1100)
  2. The New Navigation
  3. Humphrey Hardfeatures’ Description of Cast-Iron Inventions (Roud V1119)
  4. Johnny Green’s Trip fro’ Owdhum to See the Manchester Railway (Roud V5922)
  5. Navvy on the Line (Roud V22720)
  6. The Navigators (Roud V9149)
  7. A New Song on the Opening of the Birmingham and Liverpool Railway (Roud V9499)
  8. The Cockney’s Trip to Brummagem (RoudBS B62823)
  9. The Wonderful Effects of the Leicester Rail Road (Roud V11573)
  10. The Jolly Waggoner (Roud 1088)
  11. The Railway Whistle or The Blessings of Hot-Water Travelling (Roud V10040)
  12. The Scenes of Manchester
  13. Oldham Workshops (Roud V15133)
  14. Gorton Town (Roud V12547)
  15. The Dalesman’s Litany (TYG 70)
  16. Liverpool’s an Altered Town (Roud V4490)
  17. I Can’t Find Brummagem (Roud V34542)
  18. My Grandfather’s Days (Roud V4258)
  19. The State of Great Britain, or, A Touch at the Times (Roud V16297)

Part 2: Stirrings on Saturday Night

  1. Saturday Night
  2. Sheffield’s a Wonderful Town, 0 (Roud V11545)
  3. The Rigs and Sprees of Leeds Town (Roud V9160)
  4. The Rigs and Fun of Nottingham Goose Fair (Roud V3585)
  5. Country Statutes (Roud V8429)
  6. Truro Agricultural Show (Roud 21219)
  7. The Bullard’s Song (Roud 23378)
  8. The Toon Improvement Bill or Nee Pleyce Noo ti Play (Roud V39874)
  9. The Bonny Gryy (Roud 211; TYG 81)
  10. The Football Match (Roud 1291)

Part 3: On Monday Morning I Married a Wife

  1. The Rambling Miner (Roud 518; G/D 7:1477)
  2. The Weaver and the Factory Maid (Roud 17771)
  3. Dashing Steam-Loom Weaver (Roud V2135)
  4. Poor Man’s Work is Never Done (Roud 1572; G/D 7:1291)
  5. Washing Day (Roud 3747)
  6. Fuddling Day, or Saint Monday in Answer to Washing Day (Roud V5887)
  7. Coulter’s Candy (Roud 19019)
  8. The Skeul-Board Man (Roud V25951)
  9. The Captain’s Apprentice (Roud 835)
  10. Cholera Humbug, or, The Arrival and Departure of the Cholera Morbus (Roud V34835)
  11. The Barnsley Anthem (Roud 23553)
  12. The Lasses’ Resolution to Follow the Fashion (RoudBS B73123)
  13. The Tea-Drinking Wives
  14. A Drop of Good Beer (Roud 1502)
  15. A Word of Advice (Roud V588)
  16. London Adulterations, or, Rogues in Grain, Tea, Coffee, Milk, Beer, Bread, Snuff, Mutton, Pork, Gin, Butter, etc. (Roud V4507)
  17. A Chapter of Cheats, or, The Roguery of Every Trade (Roud V3311)
  18. How Five and Twenty Shillings Were Expended in a Week (Roud V1598)
  19. Belly and Back (RoudBS B32643)
  20. Tally Man (Roud V15843)
  21. Wife for Sale (Roud 2898; Henry H226)

Part 4: Time to Remember the Poor

  1. The Rambling Comber (Roud 1473)
  2. The Miseries of the Framework Knitters (Roud V20853)
  3. John o’ Grinfield (Roud 1460)
  4. Birmingham Jack of All Trades (RoudBS B60383)
  5. The Tradesman’s Complaint (RoudBS B86195)
  6. New Dialogue and Song on the Times (Roud V29649)
  7. What Shocking Hard Times (Roud V15260)
  8. The Shurat Weaver’s Song (Roud V8918)
  9. Poor Frozen-Out Gardeners (Roud 22228)
  10. Cowd Stringy Pie (Roud 1408; TYG 30)
  11. The Rest of the Day’s Your Own (Roud 1485)
  12. The Buffalo (Roud 1026; G/D 6:1103)
  13. Botany Bay (Roud 261; Laws L16; G/D 2:260; Henry H691, 202)
  14. Jim Jones (Roud 5478)
  15. Curly Williams (Roud 21231)
  16. Wakefield Gaol (Roud 964)
  17. New Bailey Tread-Mill
  18. Durham Gaol
  19. A Dialogue and Song on the Starvation Poor Law Bill, Between Tom and Ben (RoudBS B64571)
  20. The New Gruel Shops (RoudBS B107939)
  21. New Song: To Hereford Old Town
  22. The People’s Comic Alphabet (Roud V7261)

Part 5: The World Turned Upside Down

  1. The Colliers’ March
  2. The Rights of Mankind
  3. Watkinson and his Thirteens (Roud V42221)
  4. General Ludd’s Triumph
  5. Hunting a Loaf (Roud V29318)
  6. A Radical Song
  7. A New Song on the Peterloo Meeting
  8. New Hunting Song
  9. The Chartists are Coming (Roud V23180)
  10. The Best-Dressed Man of Seghill, or, The Pitman’s Reward for Betraying His Brethren (Roud V47488)
  11. Striking Times (Roud V15590)
  12. The Cotton Lords of Preston (Roud V38682)
  13. The Lock-Out
  14. Happy Land (Roud 13784)
  15. The World Turned Upside Down (Roud V1687)
  16. Poor Man’s Heaven (Roud 16821)