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Bob and Jacqueline Patten: A Somerset Scrapbook

Bob and Jacqueline Patten: A Somerset Scrapbook (Musical Traditions MTCD252)

Bob and Jacqueline Patten:
A Somerset Scrapbook

Musical Traditions Records MTCD252 (digital book on CD-ROM, UK, 2013)

Part 1 - Singers & Songs

Charlie Showers (of Drayton)

  1. Seventeen Come Sunday (Roud 277; Laws O17; G/D 4:791; Henry H152, H793)
  2. My Meatless Day (Roud 2413)
  3. Old Ale (Roud 1512)
  4. Tobacco is an Indian Weed (Roud 1457)
  5. We Hunted All Around (Roud 283; G/D 2:283)
  6. Richard of Taunton Deane (Roud 382)

Louie Norman (of Ilminster)

  1. Shrove Tuesday (Roud 1516)

Amy Ford (of Low Ham)

  1. Joe Muggins (Roud 847)
  2. As I Walked Through the Meadows (Roud 594)
  3. The Man You Don’t Meet Every Day (Roud 975)
  4. If I Were a Blackbird (Roud 387; Henry H79)
  5. Go and Leave Me (Roud 459; G/D 6:1145)

Austin Wookey (of East Harptree)

  1. The Coal Black Smith (Roud 1350; Child 44; G/D 2:334)
  2. Bird Scaring Song (Roud 1730)

Hilda Greenslade (of Combe Florey)

  1. Forty-Five Miles (Roud 608; G/D 5:983; TYG 36)

Cliff Rowe (of Taunton)

  1. Norton Fitzwarren Railway Disaster (Roud 2415)
  2. The Midnight Mail
  3. Down in the Fields where the Buttercups Grow (Roud 1736)

George Withers (of Isle Abbotts)

  1. Peter the Miller (Roud 2416)

Eddie Cornelius (of Shepton Beauchamp)

  1. A Jolly Farmer’s Boy Be I (Roud 2417)

Harry Adams (of Isle Abbotts)

  1. The Three Crows (Roud 5; Child 26)

Part 2 - Players & Tunes

Kingsbury Episcopi Band

  1. Kingsbury Jig

Alfie Collins (of Bishop Sutton)

  1. Manchester Hornpipe
  2. Harvest Home

Wilfred Williams (of Exford)

  1. The Cat’s Got the Measles
  2. Cock of the North

Fred Parfitt (of Gurney Slade)

  1. Step It Away

Victor Witcombe (of Benter Cross)

  1. Rigs o’ Marlow / Bricks and Mortar

George Pennecard (of Winsham)

  1. Soldier’s Joy

Peter Butler (of Chard)

  1. The Wild Colonial Boy

Stanley Pearce (of Horton Cross)

  1. Ring the Bell Watchman, or Click Go the Shears

John Moore (of Washford)

  1. Heel and Toe, or Sultan Polka

Part 3 - Tellers & Stories

Wilfred Norman (of Wheddon Cross)

  1. Fanny Pope
  2. The Squire of Bickham
  3. Gunpowder in the Pole

Austin Wookey (of East Harptree)

  1. Good Friday

Charlie Showers (of Drayton)

  1. Mair Jane
  2. Bill’s Waistcoat
  3. The Sheep’s Head and the Dumplings

Harry Adams (of Isle Abbotts)

  1. Staple Fitzpaine and Isle Abbotts
  2. Wadham’s Castle

Louie Norman (of Ilminster)

  1. Charabanc trip to Cheddar

Part 4 - Traditions