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Dear Landlord

[Bob Dylan]

Sandy Denny, vocal; Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, guitars; Ashley Hutchings, bass; Martin Lamble, drums

This is yet another obscure Bob Dylan song (which appeared first in early 1968 on his album John Wesley Harding). Fairport recorded it at Sound Techniques studios in March 1969 as one of the last recordings with Martin Lamble. It was intended for Unhalfbricking but was left out as this had already three other Dylan tracks. It finally appeared in 1994 on Ashley Hutchings’ The Guv’nor Vol 1 CD, in 2002 on the Fairport unConventioNal 4CD set, and in March 2003 as bonus track of the Unhalfbricking CD reissue. Ashley Hutchings comments in the latter album’s sleeve notes: “We would have added more instruments to this Bob Dylan-composed track had it been chosen to be on the album. As it is, its simplicity is one of its strongest points.”


Please find the lyrics for this song at Bob Dylan’s website.