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Live at Open Air Burg Herzberg

Fairport Convention: Live at Open Air Burg Herzberg (Think Progressive)

Live at Open Air Burg Herzberg - 16 July 1999
Fairport Convention

Think Progressive (CD, UK, 9 November 2000)

Produced by Dave Pegg, Simon Nicol and Mark Tucker;
Recorded by Peter Paul Kuhen live at Burg Herzberg on 16 July 1999;
Mixed straight to DAT by Rob Braviner;
Edited by Mark Tucker ar Woodwork Studios, Oxfordshire;
Final mix by Dave Pegg;
Photos and cover design by ArtWerk Weimar


Simon Nicol: vocals, guitar;
Chris Leslie: vocals, guitar, violin, mandolin;
Ric Sanders: violin, effects;
Dave Pegg, bass, vocals;
Gerry Conway: drums, percussion


  1. The Wood and the Wire / Crazy Man Michael / The Woodworm Swing (12.22)
  2. Close to You (5.12)
  3. Rocky Road (5.30)
  4. The Hiring Fair (7.04)
  5. Matty Groves (Roud 52; Child 81) / Rutland Reel / Sack the Juggler (11.00)

Track 1a Chris Leslie, Nigel Stonier;
Track 1b Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick;
Track 1c, 5bc Ric Sanders;
Track 2 Chris Leslie;
Track 3 Steve Tilston;
Track 4 Ralph McTell;
Track 5a trad. arr. Ric Sanders, Chris Leslie