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Sweet if You Like

[words from a 17th century poem by Francis Davidson, music Jools Holland]

Eliza Carthy sang Francis Davidson’s poem Sweet If You Like in a recording made on 9 June 2003 at Helicon Mountain Studios for Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Orchestra’s album Jack o the Green.


Eliza Carthy sings Sweet if You Like

Sweet if you like and love me still
And yield me love for my goodwill.
And do not from your promise start
When your fair hand gave me your heart.

Chorus (repeated after each verse):
If dear to you I’ll be
As you are dear to me
Then yours I am
And forever will be

Then yours I am and will be ever,
No time nor place shall my love sever.
Like constant, constant marble stone
I’m loving you and you alone.

I know that you love to range
And how you often chop and change.
If you get some new fangled mate
My doting love might turn to hate.