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[Eliza Carthy]

Eliza Carthy recorded her own song Peggy in 1996 for her first solo album, Heat Light & Sound. She commented in the record’s sleeve notes:

A song about being a performer and a responsible lover at the same time, these can clash!


I think Peggy’s my love and my life as she stands just so
And all I can say is today, there she is, here am I
Peggy is Peggy, she scares the wits from me when I think she knows
When I think I want to be alone and want her goodbye

Oh oh, Peggy oh, it’s not for the time I have in my mind
Peggy oh Peggy, the way that I’m wanted I see it
And it puts you behind in my mind if you had been there at all
Look at me, look at me, celebrate, this is the way that I feed it
And I’m half a man and you know I’ll not stay beyond nightfall

Oh oh, Peggy oh, it’s not for the man I know that I am
It’s not for the man in my mind, not for my Peggy-o
Not for the thought of always being alone
Not for you and not for me, not that I’m not able to see
I’ll take myself down to the sea

Peggy’s my love and my life as she turns to go
And all I can see is my road and such a heavy load
Since I am free, easily I will take the blow
And pity the poor guilty head that lies on my pillow

She doesn’t want my name, Peggy oh Peggy-o
She knows it would be the same if we ever met again
As for you and as for me, as for them that so easily flee
Come with me down to the sea oh


Transcribed by Garry Gillard. Thanks to Kira White for corrections.