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No Man’s Jig / Hanoverian Dance / Three Jolly Sheepskins

[trad. arr. Eliza Carthy]

Eliza Carthy played the three tunes No Man’s Jig, Hanoverian Dance, and Three Jolly Sheepskins in 2002 on her record Anglicana. She was accompanied by Jon Boden, fiddle; John Spiers, melodeon; Tim van Eyken, harmonica; Ben Ivitsky, guitar; and Tom Salter, electric guitar. Eliza commented in her sleeve notes:

The first and last tunes in this set are from Sleights in North Yorkshire, which, like many places in my area, had a longsword dance tradition collected by Cecil Sharp. The set is dedicated to the Goathland Plough Stotts, whose dedication to the continuation of the tradition I always wonder at and admire most when I have to get up on a freezing January morning to join them. Welcome to the new lads! All three tunes I learned from a book called One Thousand English Country Dance Tunes.