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Eliza Carthy: Neptune (Hem Hem HHR001CD)

Eliza Carthy

Hem Hem Records HHR001CD (CD, UK, 9 May 2011)

Produced by Dave Wah and Eliza Carthy;
Engineered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland;
Mixed by Dave Wah, Eliza Carthy, and Stuart Hamilton;
Mastering by Max Gilkes at Sonic 1 Productions

See also the CD The Eliza Carthy Demos.


Eliza Carthy: violin, octave violin, electric tenor guitar, electric guitar, singing, whistling, talking in bad Spanish;
Phil Alexander: piano, Rhodes piano, Hammon organ, piano accordion, singing, ranting, whistling;
Willy Molleson: drums, singing, whistling;
Bethany Porter: cello, singing, whistling;
Emma Smith: double bass, singing, whistling;
Heather McLeod: singing

Orchestra del Sol:
Marcus Britton: trumpet, French horn;
Phillip Cardwell: trumpet;
Tim Lane: trombone;
Greg Ivitsky: alto saxophone;
Olivia Furness: tenor saxophone


  1. Blood on My Boots (6.20)
  2. War (5.17)
  3. Write a Letter (5.32)
  4. Tea at Five (4.35)
  5. Monkey (4.52)
  6. Revolution (4.29)
  7. Britain Is a Car Park (4.40)
  8. Romeo (4.57)
  9. Hansel (Breadcrumbs) (4.31)
  10. Thursday (5.17)

All tracks written by Eliza Carthy