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Eliza Carthy and The Kings of Calicutt

Eliza Carthy and The Kings of Calicutt (Topic TSCD489)

Eliza Carthy and The Kings of Calicutt
Eliza Carthy

Topic Records TSCD489 (CD, UK, 1997)

Produced by John McCusker;
Engineered by Moray Munro and Nick

All of the tunes, as far as we know, except for Bonaparte’s Retreat and Little Bear, are English and can be found in books and on recordings. Seek and find! Enjoy playing them …


Eliza Carthy: fiddle, viola, mandolin, vocals, wah;
The Kings of Calicutt:
    Andi Wells: drums;
    Barnaby Stradling: bass;
    Saul Rose: melodeon, vocals;
    Maclaine Colston: hammered dulcimer, vocals, snare [3], wah

John McCusker: violin [4c, 9];
Conrad Ivitsky: double bass [3];
J. Simon Van Der Welt, Jak Duff & Toby Shippey: horns [2, 10c]


  1. Trip to Fowey / Cuckold Came Out of the Amery / Indian Queen (5.22)
  2. Whirly Whorl (Roud 12573) (2.46)
  3. Bonaparte’s Retreat (4.22)
  4. Little Bear / Wobbly Cat / Upton Stick Dance (4.00)
  5. Mother, Go Make My Bed (Roud 32444) / Flower of Swiss Cottage (6.48)
  6. Good Morning, Mr Walker (4.07)
  7. Holm Band Tune / Dave Roberts’ Tune / Jemima’s Jug (3.39)
  8. Sheffield Park (Roud 860) / Polly Bishop’s Slip Jig / Roger de Coverley (7.35)
  9. Fisher Boy (Roud 3150) (3.24)
  10. If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go / The Pullet / The Storyteller (6.19)

Tracks 1-3, 4c, 5a, 8a,c, 10a,b trad. arr. Kings of Calicutt;
Track 4a Lisa Ornstein;
Track 4b Saul Rose;
Track 5b Eliza Carthy;
Track 6 Slinger Francisco;
Tracks 7a,b trad. arr. Saul Rose, Maclaine Colston;
Track 7c Jenny Crook;
Track 8b, 10c Nancy Kerr;
Track 9 trad. arr. Saul Rose, Eliza Carthy