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Queensland Whalers

[Harry Robertson (1923-1995)]

Scottish born, Australian Folk singer Harry Robertson sang his own song Queensland Whalers on his 1971 album of songs of whaling in ice and sun, Whale Chasing Men.

Danny Spooner and Duncan Brown sang Queensland Whalers on Spooner’s 2006 CD of songs of the whaling industry, The Great Leviathan. He noted:

Between 1949-51 Harry Robertson worked on whaling ships out of the misty, icy cragged island of South Georgia and that experience became the inspiration for many of the songs he wrote about the modern whaling industry. Lather when he moved to Australia to live he spent time on whalers out of Moreton Bay and Byron Bay. Here he came into contact with the adaptability of the Aussie Jack-of-all-Trades to whom whaling was just another way to earn your quid.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Harry Robertson’s website.