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Hieland Laddie

[ Roud 4691 ; Ballad Index Doe050 ; trad.]

Danny Spooner sang Hieland Laddie on his 1988 album We’ll Either Bend or Break ’Er.

Stan Hugill and Stormalong John sang Hieland Laddie at “Fêtes du chant de marin”, Paimpol, in 1991. This recording was included in the following year on their Le Chasse-Marée CD Chants des Marins Anglais.


Danny Spooner sings Hieland Laddie

Was ye ever in Quebec?
    Bonny laddie, hieland laddie,
Stowing timber on the deck,
    Me bonny hieland laddie;
    Way hey and away we go
    Bonny laddie hieland laddie,
    Way hey and away we go,
    Me bonny hieland laddie.

Was ye ever in Mobile Bay?
Screwing cotton all the day.

Was ye ever off Cape Horn?
Where the weather’s never warm.

Was ye ever in Mirrimashee?
Where yer tie up to a tree.

Was yeever in Valipo?
Where them gals is never slow.

Was ye ever in Dundee?
There some pretty ships ye’ll see.