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Hangin’ on for the Rain

[Ann Infante]

Danny Spooner sang Hangin’ on for the Rain in 2017 on his final CD, Home. He noted:

Australia is a country of extreme weather patters: flood and fire, wind and drought are part of the rural weather cycle. In Ann Infante’s song we hear a farmer enduring these devastating extremes to restock when conditions improve.


Danny Spooner sings Hangin’ on for the Rain

Oh, Christmas is coming across this dry land,
    I’m hanging on, hanging on.
I’ve drawn my line and I’m making my stand—
    Hanging on for the rain.
The shepherds who watched o’er my flock are all gone,
    I’m hanging on, hanging on.
The few I’ve got left I can watch on my own,
    Hanging on for the rain.

Chorus (after each verse):
Hanging on, hanging on, this drought can’t last forever,
I’m searching the skies, blinking sweat from my eyes,
While I pray for a change in the weather.

The wise men flew in to the farms cracked and parched,
Said the drought wouldn’t end till this time next March.
I’ve sold all the cattle that I could afford
And now I’m hand-feeding the best of my herd.

The kids are excited now Christmas is near,
They’ll think Santa’s a mean old bugger this year.
Cos Jane wants a doll and Jack wants a train,
But my Christmas wish is for good summer rain.

When they close the long paddock, you know times are bad,
No change to go droving, there’s no grass to be had.
I’ve thought about walking off hundreds of times,
But I’m tied to this land with invisible chains.