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When a Man’s in Love

Danny Spooner: When a Man’s in Love (Sandstock SSM021)

When a Man’s in Love
Danny Spooner

Sandstock Music SSM021 (LP, Australia, 1987)
Danny Spooner DS002 (CD, Australia, 2002)

Danny Spooner: When a Man’s in Love (Danny Spooner DS002)

Original cover illustration by John Spooner;
Design by Trevor Pickles;
CD mastered by Russel Thomson and Paul Petran;
CD cover design and layout by Dieter Bajzek


Danny Spooner: vocals, guitar


Side 1

  1. When a Man’s in Love (Roud 990; Laws O20; Henry H211) (3.24)
  2. The Flighty Tailor (2.29)
  3. The Ploughboy and the Cockney (Roud 1688) (3.00)
  4. Sweet Thames Flow Softly (5.33)
  5. The Song of the Wandering Aengus (4.12)
  6. La-di-da (3.35)

Side 2

  1. Spencer the Rover (Roud 1115; TYG 3) (4.23)
  2. The Red-Haired Man’s Wife (Bean an Fhir Ruaidh) (Roud 3046) (6.01)
  3. The Week Before Easter (Roud 154; G/D 6:1198) (4.40)
  4. Farewell Nancy (Roud 527; Laws K14; Henry H755) (2.06)
  5. Wish I Could Write a Lovesong (4.54)

All tracks trad. except
Track 4 Ewan MacColl;
Track 5 Richard Dyer-Bennett, William Butler Yeats;
Track 6 Jake Thackray;
Track 11 Chas Hodges, Dave Peacock