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Passchendaele Suite

Panta Rhei, Coope Boyes & Simpson: Passchendaele Suite (No Masters NMCD10)

Passchendaele Suite
Music From the Peace Concerts Passchendaele Suite and Passchendaele Terminus
Panta Rhei, Coope Boyes & Simpson

No Masters NMCD10 (CD, UK, 1996)

Recorded and mixed at Studio Caraibes, Brussels, September 1996;
Engineered by Patrick Hubart;
Produced by Panta Rhei and Coope Boyes & Simpson


Panta Rhei
    Aurélie Dorzée: violin;
    Steve Houben: flutes, saxophones;
    Fabien Degryse: guitar;
    Didier Laloy: diatonic accordion;
    Jo Vanhoutte: double bass;
    Kathy Adam: cello;
    Stephan Pougin: percussion;
    Luc Pilartz: viloin, cornemuse

Coope Boyes & Simpson
    Barry Coope: vocals, piano;
    Jim Boyes: vocals;
    Lester Simpson: vocals, bagpipes


  1. Dodendans – Panta Rhei (1.41)

New Zealand

  1. The Land of the Long White Cloud – Lester Simpson (2.06)
  2. Een Ship – Panta Rhei (3.41)
  3. Ao Tea Roa – Coope Boyes & Simpson (2.06)
  1. Robin’s Song – Panta Rhei, Barry Coope (5.09)
  2. Lay Me Low – Coope Boyes & Simpson (3.41)
  3. The Bloody Fields of Flanders – Panta Rhei, Lester Simpson (4.42)
  4. Still in the Night – Jim Boyes, Barry Coope, Fabien Degryse (4.56)
  5. Ein Schottisch Tantz – Panta Rhei (4.43)
  6. (Mad Old, Sad Old) Shuffling Jack – Coope Boyes & Simpson, Panta Rhei (2.19)
  7. Tyne Cot at Night / I Want to Go Home – Coope Boyes & Simpson (3.50)
  8. Largo – Luc Pilartz, Aurélie Dorzée, Kathy Adam (6.54)
  9. The New Jerusalem – Coope Boyes & Simpson, Panta Rhei (4.21)

Track 1 trad. Flemish, arr. Panta Rhei;
Tracks 2, 4 Lester Simpson;
Track 3 Wannes Van de Velde, arr. Steve Houben;
Track 5 words Jim Boyes, Lester Simpson; music trad. English, arr. Steve Houben;
Track 6 trad. arr. John Tams;
Track 7 trad. Scottish, J. McLellan, arr. Fabien Degryse;
Track 8, 11a Jim Boyes;
Track 9 William Brade, arr. Luc Pilartz;
Track 10 Lester Simpson, arr. Fabien Degryse;
Track 11b trad.;
Track 12 Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto for two Violins in D minor, BWV 1043;
Track 13 Jim Boyes, arr. Steve Houben, Kathy Adam