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Torn Screen Door

[David Francey]

This song about an abandoned farm is the title track of David Francey’s first album, Town Screen Door, released in 1999. He also sang it in 2006 on his live album The First Set. This video shows him at Celtic Colours International Festival in 2014:

Cara sang Torn Screen Door in 2010 on their CD Long Distance Love. They noted:

Another great song from the Canadian based Scot, David Francey. We put this song together with Amanda Kehoe from Co. Wexford for a tour in the U.S. in 2008. We liked the arrangement and it has been included in our concert set ever since.

Co-cheòl sang Torn Screen Door on their 2016 CD Stay a While. They noted:

This song is as relevant today as it was at the time that it was written in the 1990s. We had the great pleasure of performing this with David at the Australian National Folk Festival in 2015.

This video shows them at The Courthouse Theatre, SMB, Arts Academy, Federation University Australia, on 5 September 2015:

Banter sang Torn Screen Door in 2024 on their Mrs Casey album Heroes. They noted:

Tim [Walker] has always been captivated by the imagery in this song, by one of his favourite song writers. David Francey is a Scottish-born Canadian folk singer/song writer who took up a career in folk music in his forties and is a recipient of multiple awards for his work.


Please find the lyrics for this song at David Francey’s website.

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