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Yet We Sing

Cara: Yet We Sing (artes ARCD4050)

Yet We Sing

artes records ARCD4050 (CD, Germany, 15 January 2016)

Produced by Jürgen Treyz and Gudrun Walther;
Recorded, mixed and mastered at artes Tontudio, Esslingen, in 2015;
Artwork by Eva Giovannini

Folk Radio UK review by Neil McFadyen


Kim Edgar: lead vocals, grand piano;
Hendrik Morgenbrodt: uilleann pipes, flutes, whistles, backing vocals [13];
Gudrun Walther: lead vocals, fiddle, diatonic accordion, viola [1];
Jürgen Treyz: guitar, dobro, backing vocals;
Rolf Wagels: bodhrán, new spirit drum [5]


  1. A Leaf for a Sail (3.49)
  2. Heroes: The Piper Behind the Bar / Ouzo Nights / Highland Reggae / Heroes (4.44)
  3. Little Musgrave (Roud 52; Child 81) (8.37)
  4. Land of the Midnight Sun (4.22)
  5. The Elfin Knight (Roud 12; Child 2; G/D 2:329) (4.53)
  6. The Legend of Lisnalway: The Legend of Lisnalway / Aoibhe Dreaming / Mad Practising (3.28)
  7. The Naked Man in the Whirlpool (5.00)
  8. Cain’s War (4.09)
  9. A Wee Dobro Tune (2.43)
  10. Scottishe Kerlou (2.47)
  11. Anchor in the Sky (3.02)
  12. The Exploding Case: Torrid Romance / Shed Up the Fridge / The Exploding Case (3.58)
  13. Yet We Sing (3.28)

Track 1 Kim Edgar arr. Kim Edgar, Jürgen Treyz, Gudrun Walther;
Tracks 2, 4 Gudrun Walther arr. Jürgen Treyz, Gudrun Walther;
Track 3 trad. arr. Jürgen Treyz;
Track 5 trad. arr. Kim Edgar, Jürgen Treyz;
Track 6a Siobhán Peoples arr. Jürgen Treyz;
Track 6b Ronan Ryan arr. Jürgen Treyz;
Track 6c Yoann An Nedeleg arr. Jürgen Treyz;
Tracks 7, 9 Jürgen Treyz arr. Jürgen Treyz, Kim Edgar, Gudrun Walther;
Track 8 Gudrun Walther, Jürgen Treyz, Kim Edgar arr. Jürgen Treyz, Gudrun Walther;
Track 10 Calum Stewart arr. Jürgen Treyz, Gudrun Walther, Kim Edgar;
Track 11 Kim Edgar, Jürgen Treyz, Gudrun Walther arr. Kim Edgar, Jürgen Treyz, Gudrun Walther;
Track 12a Leslie Harris arr. Jürgen Treyz;
Track 12b Anthony Davis arr. Jürgen Treyz;
Track 12c Hendrik Morgenbrodt, Gudrun Walther arr. Jürgen Treyz;
Track 13 Gudrun Walther arr. Gudrun Walther, Kim Edgar, Jürgen Treyz


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