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Mary Is Busy… Too Busy to Marry

More Maids: Mary Is Busy… Too Busy to Marry (Verlag der Spielleute CD 0009)

Mary Is Busy… Too Busy to Marry
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Verlag der Spielleute CD 0009 (CD, Germany, 2000)

Produced by Jürgen Treyz, co-produced by Davide Piai;
Recorded by Davide Piai, Jürgen Treyz and Gudrun Walther at artes Tonstudio Esslingen, August 1999;
Mixed and mastered by Davide Piai at artes;
Artwork Kleindienst & Crew, Stefan Beurer


Marion Fluck: vocals [9], flute, bamboo flutes [5], whistle [7], backing vocals;
Gudrun Walther: vocals [1, 5, 9], fiddle, viola, diatonic accordion, backing vocals;
Barbara Steinort: vocals [3, 7, 9], bouzouki, backing vocals

with guests
Florian King: double bass [2-7, 8a], bouzouki [6b, 8b&c];
Herbert Wachter: percussion [1-3, 8], drums [7, 9];
Rolf Wagels: bodhrán [1];
Henrik Mumm: fretless bass [1];
Davide Piai: electric bass [9];
Jürgen Treyz: acoustic guitar [3, 4a, 5-7, 8a], electric guitar [1, 9], acoustic bass [8c], dobro [2]


  1. Angry (3.21)
  2. Reaping the Rye / Urmel’s Fancy (3.21)
  3. Shining Clear / Hornpipe (4.41)
  4. Brenda Stubbert’s / Hangover Tuesday / The Humours of Kesh (6.48)
  5. Lover’s Ghost (4.39)
  6. Niall Keegan’s / Thomas McElvogue’s / Andy Renwick’s Ferret (6.24)
  7. Closer to Fine / Frank’s Reel (4.21)
  8. Autumn Mood / Eamonn’s House / Cold Chicken for Breakfast (3.50)
  9. By the Time It Gets Dark (3.45)

Track 1 Ginny Clee, Barbara Marsh (The Dear Janes);
Tracks 2a, 4a,c trad.;
Tracks 2b, 4b, 8 Gudrun Walther;
Track 3a text Robert Louis Stevenson, music Alan Reid;
Track 3b unknown;
Track 5 text trad., music Gudrun Walther;
Track 6a Niall Keegan;
Track 6b Thomas McElvogue;
Track 6c Gordon Duncan;
Track 7a Emily Saliers;
Track 7b John McCusker;
Track 9 Sandy Denny