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Steampacket: Homecoming

Steampacket: Homecoming (Leiselaut LLCD 1-003)


Leiselaut LLCD 1-003 (CD, Germany, 2004)

Recorded between November 2001 and March 2002 at Sundance Studios, Bremen;
Additional recordings by Andreas Lassak at Sounddesign Studio, Oldenburg;
Mixed and mastered by Andreas Lassak


Stephan Schneider: fiddle;
Tina Fastje: fiddle;
Claus Steinort: flute;
Andreas Lassak: guitar, bass guitar;
Rolf Wagels: bodhrán


  1. Bunny (reels): The Trip to Pakistan / Da sneck o’ da smaalie / The Bunny’s Hat (3.52)
  2. Mickey’s (jigs): Winnie Hayes’ / Brian O’Lynn’s / Mickey Dan’s (4.47)
  3. Anna’s Song (5/4 tune) (3.13)
  4. Santiago (bourrées) (4.14)
  5. Till’s (gavotte and waltz): Breton tune / Quarter Waltz (3.17)
  6. Fiach’s (reels): Fahy’s / The Umbilical Cord / Farewell to Phillip Lane (3.43)
  7. High Noon (hornpipe and reels): The Stage / The High Noon Killer / The Kerry Lasses (5.09)
  8. Brian’s (slow tune) (3.26)
  9. Eilis (reels): Eilis’ Bones / Charlie Lennon’s / The Doon Reel / The Curfew (4.36)
  10. Finland (Finnish polkkas): Laihhian Polkka / Kuortaneen Polkka (3.40)
  11. Cloverfield (reels): Cloverfield Corner / George White’s Favourite / The Coconut’s Dream (5.03)
  12. Waltz for Pelle (waltz) (3.24)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1a Niall Kelly;
Track 1b Fiddler’s Bid (Shetland);
Track 1c David Lim;
Track 2c Mick McCauley;
Tracks 3-4 Stephan Schneider;
Track 5b Till Storz;
Track 6a Paddy Fahy;
Track 6b Fiach and Seán O’Broin;
Track 6c Michael Hynes;
Track 7b Max Brücher;
Track 9a Michael Möllers;
Track 9d Josephine Keegan;
Track 11a Claus Steinort;
Track 11c Margit Bazilewski;
Track 12 Wim Poesen