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Celtic Christmas

Celtic Christmas (Herder 4040808318941)

Celtic Christmas
Nadia Birkenstock, Ryan Murphy, Jürgen Treyz, Gudrun Walther

Herder Audio 4040808318941 (CD, Germany, 2012)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at artes Musikproduktion, Esslingen;
Produced by Jürgen Treyz;
Cover design by agentur IDee


Nadia Birkenstock: Celtic harp;
Ryan Murphy: uilleann pipes, flutes, whistles;
Jürgen Treyz: guitar, banjo, mandola, resonator tenor guitar, bass, piano, synthesiser;
Gudrun Walther: violin


  1. The Truth From Above (Roud 2109) (2.51)
  2. A Merry Christmas Day (Christmas Day in the Morning / Apples in Winter / A Merry Christmas) (5.34)
  3. In Praise of Christmas (Roud V9375) (4.44)
  4. Don Oiche Ud U mBeithil (That Night in Bethlehem) (6.29)
  5. Pe trouz war an douar (Quel bruit sur la terre?) (43.25
  6. Wexford Carol (Roud 22086) (3.31)
  7. Reels for Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve / Oiche Nollaig) (3.17)
  8. Les Anges dans nos Campagnes (3.32)
  9. Port na bPucaí (Song of the Spirits) (4.32)
  10. How We Spent the Christmas (How We Spent the Christmas / New Year’s Night / Morning Star) (4.02)
  11. The First Noel (Roud 682) (3.38)