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Cara: Live (artes ARCD5010)


artes records ARCD5010 (CD, Germany, 1 February 2018)

Produced by Jürgen Treyz and Gudrun Walther;
Recorded live on tour in 2017;
Mixed by Jürgen Treyz at artes Studio, Esslingen, Germany;
Mastered by Ingo Rau at Amps Factory Studios, Freiburg, Germany;
Artwork by Eva Giovannini


Gudrun Walther: vocals, fiddle, diatonic accordion;
Kim Edgar: vocals, various grand pianos;
Hendrik Morgenbrodt: uilleann pipes, Irish concert flute, whistles;
Jürgen Treyz: acoustic guitar, dobro;
Rolf Wagels: bodhrán


  1. There Will Be Fog (7.41)
  2. Ardkeen Boat Song (5.06)
  3. The Arm in the Cow: Emmet’s Hedgehog / The Arm in the Cow / Handsome Young Maidens (4.26)
  4. Twa Magicians (Roud 1350; Child 44; G/D 2:334) (4.13)
  5. A Trip to Blarney (4.43)
  6. Hull’s: Larkin’s Beehive / The Curlew / Hull’s (4.27)
  7. Little Musgrave (Roud 52; Child 81) (9.07)
  8. The Naked Man in the Whirlpool (5.29)
  9. Isn’t It Time to Be Worried? (4.45)
  10. Lord Gregory (Roud 49; Child 76; G/D 6:1226) (8.31)
  11. Heroes: The Piper Behind the Bar / Ouzo Nights / Highland Reggae / Heroes (8.31)
  12. Mòran Taing (4.11)
  13. Time for a Song (4.48)

Bonus Tracks

Released by Cara and by Kim Edgar in 2017 on Soundcloud as Christmas presents.

  1. A Leaf for a Sail (3.47)
  2. Anchor in the Sky (4.09)
  3. Inishturk: In Memory of Michael Coleman / A Trip to Inishturk / The Maids of Mitchelstown (4.36)

Tracks 1, 3b, 11a-d, 13 Gudrun Walther;
Track 2 words trad. / Patricia Clark, music Patricia Clark;
Track 3a Niall Vallely;
Track 3c Charlie Lennon;
Track 4 words trad. / Kim Edgar, music Kim Edgar;
Tracks 5, 7, 10 trad.;
Track 6a Paddy O’Brien;
Track 6b Josephine Keegan;
Track 6c John Morris Rankin;
Track 8 Jürgen Treyz;
Track 9 Gudrun Walther, Jürgen Treyz;
Track 12, 14-5 Kim Edgar;
Track 16a Ed Reavy;
Track 16b Máirtín O’Connor;
Track 16c trad.


Cara perform Anchor in the Sky :

Cara perform Mòran Taing with their new line up with Aimée Farrell Courtney replacing Rolf Wagels on bodhrán: