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Innocent When You Dream

[Tom Waits]

John Spiers and Jon Boden recorded Tom Waits’ song Innocent When You Dream in 2005 for their Fellside CD Songs. They commented in their sleeve notes:

Written by Tom Waits for the musical-play Frank’s Wild Years although we prefer to think of it as a great Victorian parlour-ballad that got mislaid.

This video shows them at Wallingford BunkFest 2005:

Jon Boden sang Innocent When You Dream as the 7 June 2011 entry of his project A Folk Song a Day. He noted in his blog:

One of Tom Waits’ great parlour ballads. His wife is American Irish and they do spend time in Ireland with her extended family so the influence of Irish parlour balladry is probably quite direct. John and I do this one a lot.


Sorry, I can't show the lyrics here as I don't have the copyright owners' permission to publish them. But please feel free and ask me to send you the song's lyrics.